Dani Leigh Peterson

Sr. Conference Operations Coordinator

If you asked us to describe Conference Operations team member Dani in one word, we would say enthusiastic.

Of course, she brings her enthusiasm to helping organize our Super-Conference each year. It’s a twelve-month effort, but Dani finds it ultra-rewarding as she gets to kick off the year for our members in such a positive way. PDS is her first experience in pharmacy and Event Planning, and she’s “loving it!!” (Are you feeling the enthusiasm?)

That she can handle large and impactful projects like the Super-Conference is no surprise. Her prior experience in the banking industry in sales and administrative capacities had her supporting every Chase branch in Palm Beach County.

And Dani’s enthusiasm extends beyond the workplace to dogs. You may have seen her Shih-Tzu and Dorkie pop up in a Zoom meeting every now and then. They keep her laughing every day, not that she needs the help.