Donnie Jordan

Business Coach

Donnie's love of travel may just be up there with his love of pharmacy. As a matter of fact, you can find his family of four traveling the country full time in their RV and they've been doing it since 2018.

In between finding good eats and good brews across the U.S., PDS business coach Donnie helps pharmacists grow into the leaders they were meant to be. He received his PharmD from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2003 and has worked in various capacities in pharmacy chains and as a Director of Medical and Pharmacy Operations in a a non-profit community health center.

During his career, Donnie has also owned and operated an independent pharmacy and is a certified coach and DISC instructor through the 48 Days Program.

His motivation? Donnie strongly believes that strengthening the pharmacist strengthens the pharmacy profession. That's why you can always find him developing PDS members, from wherever his RV takes him.