Erin Brown

Digital Marketing Manager

Erin has 14 years of experience in small business marketing. Prior to joining PDS, Erin worked as an independent marketing consultant, managing a portfolio of clients across a variety of industries with a focus on small business growth and lead generation. She also worked for a small community bank, where she led community-focused marketing and public relations initiatives.

Erin supports the marketing department in their efforts to create and implement strategies and campaigns across all available channels and drive new membership sales and she is motivated by seeing her efforts directly impact the success of others. In her role at PDS, Erin particularly loves that she can provide members with educational and valuable tools that make tangible and measurable improvements to their lives and businesses.

Erin spends the majority of her spare time wrangling her two small boys. Her nights and weekends are filled with activities, like soccer, baseball, and Boy Scouts. When she isn’t emersed in kid activities, Erin enjoys reading, going to the beach, and driving her Jeep.