Michelle Munoz

PDSfinancials Coordinator

Michelle keeps the PDSfinancials team running smoothly. Based on Michelle’s life experiences, PDS could not have found a more qualified person in this role.

Prior to joining the PDS family, Michelle was in the mortgage industry for almost 15 years. During the 2008 financial crisis, she enabled homeowners to stay in their properties by using different loss mitigation programs to help them avoid foreclosure.

Michelle agrees with PDS when we say we are not just a team because we work together, but because we respect, trust, and care for each other. Michelle is proud to pass our culture on to our members and make them feel part of our team.

Michelle doesn’t turn off the team-building skill set when she’s with her family. They enjoy activities together like playing superheroes in the backyard (Wonder Woman is really popular in this household) with pizza picnics and story times in the hammock tree.

And Michelle, who was a competitive swimmer from ages 6 to 16 representing her hometown of Guayaquil, Ecuador, taught her 5-year-old daughter how to swim during the pandemic.
Now she wants to swim on a team, like her mom.