Mike McGrail

Business Coach

Mike has one of the more diverse backgrounds here at PDS. Military service? Check. Fortune 500 experience? Check. Entrepreneur? Check. Minister to prisoners on death row? Keep reading.

A former USAF Personnel Officer, Mike spent years in sales and marketing management positions with IBM, Exxon, and M&M Mars. He then formed The McGrail Group, which became an award-winning LMI Leadership Development Franchise. Its client base included Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, financial institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.

As a PDS Business Coach, Mike helps members “think differently” so they can grow their pharmacy business and their people. He uses his vast experience in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development to bring members and their teams to the next level. He is so committed to helping members reach their key goals that his license plate says “mcgoals.”

Mike spends as much free time as possible with his 4 children and their families in Utah, Massachusetts, Missouri, and North Carolina. Before the COVID pandemic hit, Mike spent considerable time in ministry to prisoners including prisoners on death row. He also works in ministry to help people find employment. Noble work by a well-rounded person.