Miriam Beck

Operations Analyst

We could tell you that Miriam, who has been with PDS for six years and counting, keeps track of our key performance indicators and handles Salesforce and Pardot projects.

We could tell you that she speaks three languages and had lived in four countries by the time she was 25.

We could tell you that prior to working at PDS, Miriam was working in Panama helping manage a group of multinational companies in the fields of education, construction, technology, and furniture.

We could tell you that Miriam is a proud member of Sigma Beta Delta and the International Honor Society in Business, Management, and Administration.

And we could tell you that she enjoys spending time with her husband and her mischievous baby girl.

But then we would never get around to telling you she runs a busy bagel shop with her husband in her spare time. And isn’t that what you are really curious about?