Nikki Ballard

Performance Specialist

If you ask Nikki what her role is here at PDS, she will tell you it is to help transform independent pharmacies into the unimaginable.

You see, Nikki is a Certified Pharmacy Technician in the independent pharmacy industry and has been for 18 years and counting. She has extensive experience in transforming Med Sync Programs, SmartDispense Strategies, Pharmacy Marketing, Amplicare, Prescribe Wellness, and EQuiPP. Ten of those years were spent as an Operations Manager where her focus was on day-to-day operations, staffing, workflow, and PDS Programs.

Nikki has a passion to help Independent Pharmacies thrive, not just survive. (Yes, those italics are hers as well.) Nikki is so motivated because she gets to work with some of the most elite Pharmacy Professionals on the planet. (We were OK with “in the country,” Nikki, really.)

When Nikki is not transforming your pharmacy, she can be found in Belmont, North Carolina with her family and her two pups, Bryce and Zeek. She enjoys saltwater fishing, gardening, and anything outdoors.

Nikki is also an avid Shag dancer (avid, got that?).