Laura Pfaffenberger

Business Coach

It is rare to drop Star Wars references in polite conversation and to be met with a blank stare. But that is what we get from our colleague Laura, who has never seen any of the movies in the Star Wars franchise.

Laura received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Butler University in 2001. She has an extensive and diverse background in the pharmacy field, most recently owning and operating a specialty compounding pharmacy. She completed formal coaching training in results-driven coaching and has recently received a Brain Based Coaching Certificate through the NeuroLeadership Institute. Laura is a member of many pharmacy organizations and had the distinct honor to serve on the Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America Advisory Council from 2017–2019.

Laura loves being part of a team, working towards and achieving common goals, and celebrating successes. Having been a pharmacy owner herself, she’s experienced the common obstacles that owners face, making her a valuable resource to PDS members.

She and her husband, Philip, have 2 girls, ages 10 (Ali) and 14 (Ava). She enjoys entertaining friends and family in her home. Star Wars fans are welcome, just don’t expect any knowing looks.