Scott Smith

Senior Account Executive

Scott has that rare blend of being an analytical and creative thinker. You would too if your father was a Harvard-trained chemist and your mother was an accomplished Jazz Pianist.

On the analytical side, Scott adds over 20 years of successful professional medical sales, business development, and management experience in various capacities including Fortune 50 pharmaceutical, infusion, lab, home health, and medical supplies. He has completed scores of sales and professional development training programs to go along with his MBA in Management.

Like most of his peers at PDS, Scott is a lifelong learner, an enthusiastic achiever, and loves helping others succeed. His diverse array of talents and creative energy is appreciated and wanted here, and he likes surrounding himself with successful, talented, smart people.

Scott has been married to his wife Wendy for over 20 years. They have 2 daughters in college, both leaning on the analytical side of the scale (one is Pre-Med, the other is studying Marine Biology).

Scott still gets his creative fix in. He is happiest in the garage, working on home improvements, creating and tinkering.