Stephanie Bohnsack

Member Success Coordinator

Few know at an early age what they would like to do for a living and follow through on it. Stephanie fits nicely into that category.

You see, in her senior year of high school, Stephanie received her Nursing Assistant Certification with the Arizona State Board of Nursing. With a growing passion for pharmacy, she continued her education at the Business Institute of SCC to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician. For two years, she served proudly as a volunteer in orthopedics for a major hospital in Arizona, where she cared for patients, assisted nurses, and became an integral part of the healthcare community.

After 10 years thriving as a Certified Pharmacy Technician leading medication sync programs, compounding, and delivery for a major medical group company in Arizona, Stephanie now accelerates as a Member Success Coordinator here in PDS. Stephanie is obsessed with supporting our members to succeed by delivering optimized member communications and loyalty retainment.

In her spare time, Stephanie is a talented seamstress who enjoys doing costume commissions and travels throughout the year to work large comic book conventions like San Diego Comi-Con, New York Comi-Con, and C2E2. Stephanie is also a long-distance runner and a professional cookie eater.