Terri Norvell

Leadership Business Coach

Meet Terri Norvell (Advisor, Sherpa, Coach, Mentor and all-around inspiring person)

“I can see when the light goes on. That’s what I help facilitate. Tapping into the potential and passion that already exists within a person and letting it lead the way through change and adversity. I’m a guide that helps leaders evolve and unleash their full potential. That’s my passion and purpose.”  - Terri Norvell

Terri has traveled the U.S. coaching, mentoring, and inspiring pharmacy leaders, executives and teams of all shapes and sizes. She is a magnetic motivator. A strategic sherpa. And an all-around inspiring person. She works with owners and leaders to cultivate mental fitness to help them live a life of clarity, confidence, freedom, and happiness.

As a business advisor, Terri has coached nearly 1,000 clients. Her approach is hands-on and each session is uniquely catered to specific outcomes and pharmacy team needs. Through facilitating the PDS Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) she helps engage and inspire teams, drive thoughtful strategy, and deliver processes that lead to enhanced pharmacy profits.

Terri is the mother of 26-year-old twins whom she says provided a home-based research opportunity for testing many of her creative materials when they were growing up. Terri and her partner Pat count among their family, Lily, a Wheaton Terrier, who they rescued from the National Dog Mill Rescue.