Patient-Centric Care IS How You Grow Your Business

Hear how COVID testing and vaccinations give you the opportunity to help your patients when they need it AND bring new patients into your pharmacy.

WATCH NOW: A Sneak Peek into a PDS Member Town Hall

COVID continues to be the hot topic and the independent pharmacy industry is on the front lines. Hear from industry experts and PDS members as we discuss the opportunities at hand, concerns about the vaccination, and why you need to act now.


It’s Not Too Late

Whether you want to get started, improve what you’re already doing, or just explore your options, we are here to help. Request a call and we will be in touch!

  • Help Your Community

    The need for testing and vaccinations continues to rise. As the most accessible healthcare provider, you can provide these important services to your patients and your broader community.

  • Drive NEW Patients

    Over and over, we hear that the majority of people seeking these services were not existing patients. This is your chance to capture attention, demonstrate your value, and expand your patient base.

  • Increase Profitability

    It’s not too late. Providing these services add a new revenue stream to your pharmacy that the PBMs can’t touch. The best part is, it’s not limited to COVID. You’re setting yourself up for future success.