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Winning Tactics for Open Enrollment Success: Webinar Replay Available

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Open Enrollment is a critical time for pharmacies and patients alike.

PDS teamed up with Amplicare to help you excel in open enrollment.

What you don’t know (and don’t do) can cost you your business. Now more than ever, it’s critical for you to play an active role in Open Enrollment. Discover the tactics you need NOW to help your pharmacy and your patients in the future.

Learn how to compare plans for patients (even while observing social distancing measures), how to identify and act on win-win opportunities for patients and the pharmacy, DIR mitigation tactics, and the Amplicare features available to help you this fall.

Hosted by PDS’ Craig Presser, and featuring Amplicare’s Nick Brooke, this engaging and informative discussion outlines steps you can take for a successful Open Enrollment period.

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Craig Presser PDS

Craig Presser

Vice President, PDS

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Nick Brooke

Director of Sales and Partnerships, Amplicare

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