Passion and Love Drive Us

When Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) founder and president, Dan Benamoz RPh, started his career as an independent pharmacy owner, he discovered that pharmacy schools across the nation let young graduates loose into the world with a shiny degree, but woefully inadequate business skills.

The company launched in 1998 with the goal of providing independent pharmacy owners solid business, leadership, and financial knowledge. The crucial skills needed to run a thriving business, in today’s rapidly changing environment.

From the inequities of PBM’s and decreased margins to DIR fees and clawbacks; pharmacy ownership is an unfair game, but you already know that. Discover what hundreds of your colleagues already have; there is a way to become profitable and stay successful.

We teach pharmacy owners:

  • Innovative programs, products and services that competition doesn’t offer, but yet the community needs.
  • How to be a more dynamic leader of a high-performing team with a great culture and not just another script counter.
  • Proven strategies to help your team carry ideas across the finish line.
  • Access to like-minded individuals, who traveled the same paths and were willing to connect and share their best practices.

Many years and thousands of highly-successful pharmacies later, our team of Business Coaches, Performance Specialists, Subject Matter Experts and Quality Assurance Analysts are working toward a common goal of helping as many independent pharmacy entrepreneurs as possible, reap the financial and personal rewards of successful pharmacy ownership. Whether you are buying, selling or just want to improve your current pharmacy, PDS has the strategies to get you to your goals.


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