Bad Hires Cost Time, Money and Opportunity for Growth. Here’s How to Get It Right.

As a pharmacy owner, manager or pharmacist, you understand how important it is to have a high performing team and a positive culture. The big mistake that most owners make is assuming that will simply happen on its own.

Can you afford to make the same mistake about your staff? Even if you have great employees, how do you know for sure which potential new employee will fit in best with your high performers?

Do you realize how much hiring the wrong employee can cost you?

Are you confident that you have your employees in their most productive position?

Join PDS and The Oval Group to learn how to get a high performing team that will support you and your pharmacy’s goals.


Watch now to get insights from PDS, the independent pharmacy experts, and The Oval Group, talent management experts. (42 minutes)

Let's Talk About What Oval Group and PDS Could Mean For You


    Can you legally provide an assessment to a potential hire? What about your current employees? The Oval Group answers these questions on the webinar.


    Your patients deserve the best care and in order to do that you need to have a high performing team, not just 1 or 2 employees, and a great culture that they can thrive in.


    Knowing your employees better through assessments can help you put together your best team. Get employees in the right spot and add the right employees to your team.