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A Turnkey Approach for Meaningful Community Relationships

Operating at the top of your expertise is about so much more than dispensing. It involves establishing the community connections that nurture your growth into a healthcare destination. PDSconnect provides that path.

Let’s talk about your future, today.

PDSconnect gives you more clarity into how to effectively articulate the value of collaboration, more control over the sustainability of your practice, and more confidence in creating meaningful relationships in your community.

PDS On The Job

    To onboard you to PDSconnect, your coach provides an RPMP briefing and initiation process overview. We will address CPA customization, then dive into the process of understanding and identifying collaborative opportunities.


    Plan to meet with your coach weekly for personalized education, resource sharing, and program implementation support.

When you know where the best collaboration opportunities are, you’re no longer in the dark about the options available to grow your community impact.

PDSconnect gives you more clarity about realities of community healthcare and education on the processes that will help you succeed in patient care.

When you have the security of predictable income, you can scale your collaborative care network without stress.

PDSconnect helps you achieve more control by providing you with protective measures and insights on coming changes, customizing our approach to your capacity.

When PDS walks alongside you with a turnkey solution, you can wake up each day believing you can confidently lead collaborative care in your community.

PDSconnect gives you more confidence that you can transform your pharmacy into a healthcare destination by providing you with support and insights into your community’s healthcare challenges.

What we’ll do to get started together

Step One

Program Kickoff

Attend a kickoff call with your Patient Care Services Program Manager for an RPMP briefing and an overview of the initiation process.

Step Two

CPA Customization

Meet with your Patient Care Services Program Manager to discuss customizing CPA to your unique situation.

Step Three

Collaboration Deep Dive

Begin your collaborative journey by identifying opportunities, getting familiar with program workflows and terms, and learning more about the patient journey.

Begin your journey of transformation into a healthcare destination today.

The PDS team is here to guide you.