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Fight back against industry challenges that create low profits and margins, such as DIR Fees, Clawbacks and Low Margin Reimbursements.

Our Commitment To You

Our Commitment To You

Earn your investment back as quickly as possible

Multiply that return as many times as possible

Make your life easier

Make your business better and more valuable

PDS Membership is designed specifically for the complex needs of independent pharmacy owners. Being a member of PDS you will:
  • Achieve a new way of thinking
  • Learn innovative strategies to increase your profits, help patients and keep you competitive
  • Gain access to pharmacy specific trainings for your entire team
  • Join a network that is dedicated to help you thrive in a challenging industry
  • Use proprietary tools that help you to focus on what will move the needle for your pharmacy

Discover why over 1,400 independent pharmacies love PDS

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Andy Brown
Senior Account Executive

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Julie Thayer
Senior Account Executive

Audrey McGlothlin
Account Executive

Courtney Sharp
Account Executive

You Have Challenges, PDS Has Solutions

Schedule a call with an experienced Account Executive and you will:


  • Learn why thousands have joined the PDS family
  • Discover ways to increase your profits
  • Get off the bench and get on your business
  • Learn how to make DIR Fees, clawbacks and low margin prescriptions irrelevant in your business