The PDS Pharmacy Podcast

Guest Chris Cielewich, FlavoRx

Chris joins the PDS Podcast to discuss how free services can be your pharmacy’s best friend. Chris and Lisa discuss other marketing tactics and best practices to help you increase your revenues and profits. For more detailed info check out the show notes below.

The Power of ‘Free’ is Your Pharmacy’s Secret Weapon (#5)

Guest: Chris Cielewich, FLAVORx

Length: 19 minutes

Guest Bio: Chris Cielewich, FLAVORx

Quote: “Grow your pharmacy business with the power of ‘Free’”

Chris joined FLAVORx in 2002 and has spent the past 17 years establishing FLAVORx in over 45,000 pharmacies across the US and Canada (and South Africa, Australia, and the UK). Chris enjoys combining sales, business development, and grass roots guerrilla marketing to help pharmacies attract, engage, and delight their guests using FLAVORx & Fillmaster to customize the taste of liquid medicine.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • About FLAVORx and why they’re not what you think.
  • How flavoring technology has changed and what this means for your pharmacy.
  • What to offer for free and why.
  • Examples of how pharmacies are using this strategy.
  • The 3 ‘favors’ pharmacies are too afraid to ask their patients.
  • What your patients can do for you when you give them something for free.
  • What is the future of google search and how your pharmacy can leverage these changes.
  • Actionable tips and strategies to implement now that will create an immediate impact.

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Show Notes:

  • FLAVORx origins & necessity. [1:41]
  • How flavoring technology has changed. [3:48]
  • An unlikely marketing partner for pharmacies. [4:39]
  • Where the power of “Free” comes in. [5:22]
  • How to attract, retain and delight new patients. [6:47]
  • Example of a pharmacy using flavoring. [8:06]
  • What can pharmacies do to leverage flavoring as a marketing tool? [10:02]
  • How can patients provide value back to pharmacies? [11:14]
  • These are the 3 ‘favors’ pharmacies can ask for. [11:33]
  • Get your pharmacy Google-friendly. [12:06]
  • Next steps to become your community innovator. [13:39]
  • Chris’s tip for pharmacy owners to harness the power of free. [14:56]
  • Lisa’s tip for listeners. [16:41]