The PDS Pharmacy Podcast

Guest Dan Benamoz, RPh PDS Founder

For the inaugural episode of the PDS Podcast we have PDS Founder and President Dan Benamoz as our guest to layout his thoughts on the status of this industry and give his global strategy points for all independent pharmacy owners. For more detailed info check out the show notes below.

Adapt or Go Home, Strategy for Independent Pharmacy (#1)

Fast Track to Pharmacy Success: Speakers from the 2017 PDS All Star Super-Conference

Guest: Dan Benamoz, RPh PDS Founder and President

Length: 40 minutes

Guest Bio: Dan Benamoz

Quote: “Do you want to be busier or more profitable?”

Dan Benamoz – As a registered pharmacist, multiple store owner and successful entrepreneur, Dan Benamoz, has earned the distinction of being known as an independent pharmacy advocate, keynote speaker, and retail pharmacy turnaround specialist. In 1998, Dan founded Pharmacy Development Services with the purpose of bridging the gap between what was taught in pharmacy school and what pharmacy owners need to know about running a business, so it doesn’t run them. Over the years, PDS has evolved to become an innovation leader developing numerous cutting-edge programs and strategies that have led industry change with over 1,000 locations in its high performing network. Dan keeps his entrepreneurial skills sharp through the many independent pharmacies he currently owns.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • What inspired Dan Benamoz to launch PDS?
  • Holding on to old thinking and training is keeping the independent pharmacy industry from thriving.
  • A busy pharmacy is not the same as a successful pharmacy!
  • Yes, it is a great time to be an independent pharmacy owner!
  • Adapt or go home, Dan Benamoz’s exciting strategy for independent pharmacy.
  • The most critical keys to implementing the adapt or go home strategies.
  • How does independent pharmacy distinguish themselves from the chains?
  • The power of the PDS network and the Super-Conference
  • And much, much, more…

Show Links:

White Paper – Adapt or Go Home


The Mann Gulch Fire

PDS Super-Conference

Show Notes:

  • What inspired Dan to launch PDS? [2:17]
  • David, Goliath, technology and independent pharmacy? [5:46]
  • The story of Mann Gulch fire. [6:47]
  • How the survivors of the Mann Gulch fire survived by abandoning their existing knowledge, training, and experience. [7:43]
  • Dan explains that many things that independent pharmacy has done for decades and even generations are no longer valid. [8:37]
  • Learn how PDS utilizes technology and professional skills to change the way independent pharmacy does business. [9:50]
  • Dr. Lisa Faast has a challenge for all independent pharmacy owners. [10:41]
  • Time and time again, PDS debunks the biggest myth in independent pharmacy. [11:26]
  • One of Dan’s Ah-ha moments. [12:15]
  • People with doom and gloom outlooks are lacking? [15:55]
  • Spending time with only people who think similarly is very dangerous. [16:28]
  • The value of the PDS network and the PDS Super-Conference. [17:04]
  • Even a small amount of focused, quality time a week can make a big difference. [18:19]
  • It’s a great time to own an independent pharmacy. [19:10]
  • What does Dan consider to be the critical keys for an independent pharmacy to succeed? [21:54]
  • We can’t buy Target, CVS, Amerisource Bergan, or Amazon, but we do this! [22:58]
  • What concerns Dan? [24:23]
  • Dan’s thoughts on the work of National Community Pharmacist Association,(NCPA), getting involved on the state association level and buying groups. [25:40]
  • Learn an internal secret that can change the thinking in the entire independent pharmacy industry. [27:00]
  • How does independent pharmacy distinguish themselves from the chains? [27:37]
  • How to elevate the status of your independent pharmacy in the eyes of your customers. [28:48]
  • Are you letting your environment dictate your success? [30:04]
  • How data is changing the game. [39:13]
  • The big mistake many independent pharmacy owners are making. [32:44]
  • What is the key to a thriving independent pharmacy industry? [34:00]
  • Dan’s ‘ONE ACTION’ [35:46]
  • Dan’s additional ‘ONE ACTION’ [38:37]