The PDS Pharmacy Podcast – Point-of-Care Testing

Guest Dr. Angela Fusaro, CEO & Co-Founder of Physician360

Physician 360 test kits for Strep, Flu, UTI, and Anemia are the only products on the market that combine point-of-care testing with a free telemedicine consult. Add value for your patients to receive a diagnosis and prescription without leaving the pharmacy. Physician 360 uses its own network of state-specific licensed providers which allows pharmacies to offer point-of-care testing without having to establish a collaborative practice agreement.

Point-of-Care Testing in Your Pharmacy (#8)

Physician360 Point of Care Testing

Host: Dr. Lisa Faast, PDS
Guest: Dr. Angela Fusano, Physician 360
Length: 25 minutes

Adding clinical services in your pharmacy is a key strategy to expanding your service mix and adding value to your patients. Point-of-care testing is one way to expand the services you offer your patients and add an additional revenue stream into your pharmacy.

Physician 360 offers point of care test kits for strep, flu, anemia and UTI that the patient can use right in the pharmacy, therefore, you do not need a CLIA waiver. They also include telemedicine consultations online or from a smartphone.

Listen to our interview with Dr. Lisa Faast and Dr. Angela Fusaro to learn how Physician 360 products can be an excellent addition to your pharmacy. These test kits are available in 38 states (as of 10/1/19) and expanding weekly. Check out their website to find out if your state is eligible.

PDS is dedicated to give independent pharmacies the answers they need to run a stronger, more profitable business. In this episode, we’ve enlisted an expert on how to add new point-of-care testing to your clinical services portfolio.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • How to add POCT to the scope of clinical services you provide your patients
  • The benefits of point-of-care testing for patients
  • Physician 360 strep, flu, anemia and UTI test kits

You can Find Physician 360 at:
Phone: (360) 861-6199

Show Links:

Physician 360 Website

Show Notes:

  • What is Point of Care Testing. [1:02]
  • Introduction of Dr. Angela Fusaro, CEO & Co-Founder of Physician 360. [2:00]
  • Why should I offer point-of-care testing in my pharmacy? [4:50]
  • Patient journey to using POCT and Pharmacist involvement. [7:50]
  • Telemedicine and Regulatory Compliance. [15:33]
  • Common Questions from Pharmacies. [16:59]
  • Pricing of Physician 360 test kits. [20:00]
  • Next steps. [21:55]

For more information on the exclusive savings for PDS members with Physician 360, check out our partner page, Physician 360 Point of Care Testing. To learn more about Clinical Services and how PDS can help you expand your entire clinical services portfolio, check out our member-only training Clinical Services Profit Ignitor.