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Guest Howard Danzig, ECCHIC

ECCHIC helps business save on the cost of providing healthcare to their employees. They do this by unbundling insurance packages and skipping the costly PBM for prescription coverage. Discover how you can save money on your insurance and help other local businesses do the same. For more detailed info check out the show notes below.

Strategies to Eliminate PBMs (#6)

Guest: Howard Danzig, Founder & President, ECCHIC

Length: 20 minutes

Guest Bio: Howard Danzig

Quote: “Getting rid of the middlemen is the best strategy to begin to neutralize the impact of PBMs ”

With an extensive accounting and cost management background, Howard became very good at uncovering waste. When group insurance agents couldn’t or wouldn’t tell him what the underlying costs of medical services were, he sought answers and learned that smaller businesses did not get the institutional discounts large companies received. Small businesses were paying retail for what the big guys pay at wholesale.

Rather than get mad, Howard got even and founded ECCHIC. Today, they have helped hundreds of employers stabilize their programs. Listen to find out how he can help you kick PBMs to the curb.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • How you as a pharmacy owner can harness your own resources to provide benefits to your own employees as well as local employers
  • Where you can save healthcare dollars and keep it local to your community
  • How you can become the consultant to local employers and cut out the insurance companies
  • Hard numbers on how real pharmacies are benefitting from using this strategy
  • What implementation looks like on the pharmacy level and then expanding to local employers in your community
  • How to get started with ECCHIC

You can Find ECCHIC at:
Phone: (314) 997-8865

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Show Notes:

  • About ECCHIC. [1:43]
  • ECCHIC’s strategy to help local employers save money. [3:34]
  • Example of a pharmacy owner being victimized by PBMs unwittingly. [4:13]
  • Lisa’s rundown. [6:00]
  • What does this look like for pharmacies? [7:42]
  • What does this look like for local employers? [8:59]
  • The pharmacy does not have to become the PBM. [10:07]
  • How does ECCHIC come into play? [10:20]
  • What does the independent pharmacy have to do? [10:43]
  • What independent pharmacies and local employers don’t realize. [12:33]
  • Lisa’s experience with local employers. [14:10]
  • Just a few examples of how pharmacies and local employers benefit. [14:39]
  • Let’s do the math. [15:03]
  • Dangers in the future and where legislation stands [16:45]
  • Howard’s final thoughts to pharmacy owners. [17:51]