The PDS Pharmacy Podcast

Guest Jeff Philipp, PDS CEO

Jeff Philipp shares his thoughts on PDS’ annual super-conference, the premier pharmacy conference for independent pharmacy owners and their staff. Discover what is new and exciting for the 15th Annual PDS Super-Conference. For more detailed info check out the show notes below.

What’s So Special About the PDS Super-Conference? (#3)

Guest: Jeff Philipp, CEO, Pharmacy Development Services

Length: 24 minutes

Guest Bio: Jeff Philipp

Quote: “The conference hits you like a strong wind”

Jeff Philipp – Jeff Philipp likes predictable, sustainable growth. As a farm boy from Iowa, he learned the value of hard work and getting one’s hands dirty to see a task through to the bounty — and he has maintained this type of mental fortitude in the professional arena. For almost 30 years, he has held high-level management positions that allowed him to hone his operational and leadership skills, leaving a trail of success at companies along his path.

Today, Jeff is Chief Executive Officer at PDS, where his knack for building sustainable growth is a perfect fit.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • Why the top 10% of pharmacy owners plan their year around the PDS Super-Conference
  • The unique reason why this conference is so different from others (Hint: it’s not clinical!)
  • How exhibitors play a vital role in the conference experience
  • What to expect if you’re a first-time attendee
  • What’s new for 2019 that we haven’t had in previous events

Show Links:

PDS Super-Conference

Show Notes:

  • Jeff’s first-time conference experience and a couple surprises. [2:01]
  • What people in the industry are saying about the PDS Super-Conference. [7:38]
  • What is the biggest reason to attend the show? [11:47]
  • What’s new in 2019 vs previous years? [13:54]
  • Find out the new 2019 conference schedule. [14:54]
  • Learn what days and times to travel. [16:12]
  • Jeff final thoughts. [21:40]
  • Special listener gift. [23:38]