The PDS Pharmacy Podcast

Guest Johannes M. Heine, Managing Partner of KUNESA

KUNESA is the leading pharmacy design company worldwide. With over one hundred years of tradition, KUNESA specializes in the design and construction of professional and attractive pharmacy interiors. Since the middle of last century, more than 6,000 pharmacy facilities have been manufactured. The KUNESA-Team materialize interior concepts according to the realities and legal circumstances of pharmacies as well as the economic success.

High Performing Pharmacy Interiors (#9)

Host: Dr. Lisa Faast, PDS
Guest: Johannes M. Heines, Managing Partner of KUNESA
Length: 13 minutes

The design of pharmacy interiors provides more than just a pleasing aesthetic, there is a strategy behind it to create efficiency and drive revenue.

PDS is dedicated to give independent pharmacies the answers they need to run a stronger, more profitable business. In this episode, we’ve enlisted an expert on maximizing your interiors for high performance.Listen to our interview with Dr. Lisa Faast and Johannes M. Heines to learn how KUNESA can transform your pharmacy and the overall impact a well thought out interior design can have.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • The KUNESA approach to pharmacy interiors
  • How to create efficiency and drive revenue
  • Easy changes you can make in your pharmacy on a tight budget

You can Find KUNESA at:

Phone (305) 542 – 7187


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Show Notes:

  • Who is KUNESA [2:26]
  • How are pharamcy interiors assessed [3:35]
  • Creating efficiencies in the pharmacy [4:55]
  • Mistakes many pharmacies make [7:03]
  • Tips to improve your pharmacy on a tight budget [8:03]
  • KUNESA’s top suggestion for your pharmacy [9:51]
  • Next steps. [11:59]

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