The PDS Pharmacy Podcast

Guest Lisa Baker, PDS Marketing Guru

Lisa Baker is one of the extraordinary performance specialists that work with PDS members on a daily basis. She is a former pharmacy marketing manager and together with Dr. Lisa Faast, they explore marketing best practices for independent pharmacy owners. For more detailed info check out the show notes below.

Marketing Strategies For Your Pharmacy (#4)

Guest: Lisa Baker, Performance Specialist & Pharmacy Expert

Length: 24 minutes

Guest Bio: Lisa Baker

Quote: “It’s our job to educate prescribers as well as patients.”

Lisa Baker – A former pharmacy marketing manager, PDS member, and now PDS Performance Specialist, Lisa is laser-focused on teaching actionable strategies to her members to develop their business. She has worked to hone her skills in pharmacy marketing and management for 12 years before she joined the PDS team. Now she enjoys watching her members grow through these very strategies.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • The biggest mistakes pharmacies are making when it comes to promoting their pharmacy and getting doctor referrals
  • How to show up to a physician’s practice to get past the dreaded gatekeeper
  • The absolute best engagement strategies to make sure you build strong relationships with doctors

As a bonus, you can find our Pharmacy Blueprint for Massive ROI eBook on this page, where you can learn more about how you can leverage your pharmacy now and in the future.

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