The PDS Pharmacy Podcast

The most informative podcast for pharmacy owners is now available. Hosted by Dr. Lisa Faast, the PDS Podcast channel will focus on introducing you to innovative strategies, review implementation best practices, and discover exciting new industry partners to help you differentiate your pharmacy. Maximize your profitability, improve efficiencies and diversify your revenue streams with PDS.

  • Show 1, Dan Benamoz, PDS Founder

    Dan founded Pharmacy Development Services with the purpose of bridging the gap between what was taught in pharmacy school and what pharmacy owners need to know.

  • Show 2, Dr. Alex Capano, CBD Expert

    As Medical Director for Ananda Hemp, Dr. Capano acts as principal investigator on clinical research and trials, focused on hemp-based CBD therapies.

  • Show 3, Jeff Philipp, PDS CEO

    Jeff is Chief Executive Officer, leaving a trail of success at companies along his path, where his knack for building sustainable growth is a perfect fit at PDS.

  • Show 4, Lisa Baker, Marketing Tips

    Lisa is a PDS Performance Specialist with expert skills in pharmacy marketing and management who is laser-focused on teaching actionable strategies to develop better business.

  • Show 5, Chris Cielewich, FlavoRx

    Chris enjoys combining sales, business development, and grass roots guerrilla marketing to help pharmacies attract, engage, and delight their guests.

  • Show 8, Dr. Angela Fusaro, Physician 360, Point-of-Care Testing

    Physician 360 test kits for Strep, Flu, UTI, and Anemia are the only products on the market that combine point-of-care testing with a free telemedicine consult. Add value for your patients to receive a diagnosis and prescription without leaving the pharmacy or their own home.

  • Show 9, Johannes M. Heine, KUNESA, Pharmacy Interiors

    The design of pharmacy interiors provides more than just a pleasing aesthetic, there is a strategy behind it to create efficiency and drive revenue. The leading pharmacy design company worldwide, KUNESA specializes in the design and construction of professional and attractive pharmacy interiors.