Don't just keep up with the industry, own it!

PDS programs will take your independent pharmacy from ordinary to extraordinary. Our comprehensive suite of courses will address your profitability, training and business development needs to meet your goals.

A lack of ideas is typically not an issue for pharmacy owners, it is implementation of even a small portion of those. PDS’ 4 Foundations of Successful Implementation will help you get your ideas across the finish line.

PDS’ Advanced Leadership program is a uniquely designed and delivered course that is based on science and is transformative on both personal and professional levels for those that attend.

This webinar series will help beginner and experienced compounders with new ideas and ways to expand your current compound offerings.

Our Board Of Directors is an intense program designed to give the owner a corporate board experience and dive deep into your business like you never have before.

Many owners don’t prioritize high quality bookkeeping. Having timely, accurate and a pharmacy industry knowledgeable bookkeeper can be the crucial difference is succeeding or failing. PDS has a unique bookkeeping service that members are eligible to participate in.

Learning how to manage and control your cash flow is a vital lesson for any business owner and especially pharmacy owners where cash can be tight.

Expand your pharmacy’s services and profit sources beyond just dispensing prescriptions. Clinical Services is the latest innovation that independents can take advantage of and leverage their close relationships with prescribers to help the entire triad of healthcare.

A webinar based training that is perfect for any staff member that interacts with patients in any capacity. Raise the quality of your entire pharmacy by having all employees attend this program.

In order to properly delegate and grow your business you need to have a management structure and trained employees to fill those positions. This class is for any employee in a managerial or supervisory role within your pharmacy.

For PDS members that graduate from the Advanced Leadership program they can continue their leadership journey with this advanced level course.

Develop your team into a superior customer relations machine with this highly impactful webinar course. It is sure to raise the level of any member of your staff.

Marketing can be confusing and it’s easy to make costly mistakes. Learn from industry experts on how to develop a marketing strategy to help you reach your pharmacy business goals in this 2 day class.

Ignite your pharmacy profits through unique strategies taught in this 2 day class that addresses front end and back end opportunities.

PharmBuilder is an exclusive PDS member partner to help source uniquely profitable products and programs that independents couldn’t otherwise access.

RxAnalytics is one of the most popular programs as it addresses the most common issue in independent pharmacy: profitability.

Most pharmacies have a Facebook page and many neglect its potential. By using PDS’ program you can have regularly posted content to your page automatically.

Spend 2 days inside the nation’s leading pharmacy in synchronization. See and learn from the entire staff on how to best implement a SyncRx+ program in your pharmacy.

A synchronization program is the foundation for a high performing pharmacy. Many pharmacies don’t implement correctly and therefore don’t see the benefit. Learn from the experts and how to reap all the benefits of SyncRx+.

A webinar course designed for any technician in your pharmacy whether new or seasoned to help them stay at the top of their game.