Insight-Driven Financials for a Future-Ready Pharmacy

Basic bookkeeping won’t cut it anymore. You need accounting services that are built specifically for today’s pharmacy. Start making better informed decisions with PDSfinancials today.

The Only Accounting Service Built Entirely for Pharmacy

Imagine partnering with a financial professional who knows pharmacy accounting the way you know pharmaceuticals. With accurate financials and clear insights, you can make better, more informed decisions about your future.


PDSfinancials helps you achieve more control by teaching you how to use your financial insights to make strategic business decisions.

When you make evidence-based financial decisions using industry benchmarks, you can put your business on the path to long-term success.


When you know how your business is performing financially, you’re no longer in the dark about the direction you’re headed.

PDSfinancials helps you achieve more clarity by making sure you know not only what your financial statements say, but what those insights mean for the future of your business.


PDSfinancials helps you achieve more confidence by equipping you to become a financially empowered business owner whose future rests inside your control.

When you feel certain about your business financials, you can wake up each day believing in the possibilities that exist for pharmacy owners.

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Beyond Basic Bookkeeping

Industry-specific accounting reduces errors, improves internal controls and brings CFO-level insights for your pharmacy. PDSfinancials goes beyond basic bookkeeping with:

Personalized Executive-Level Insights
Unlimited Calls, Emails and Questions at No Charge
Monthly Financial Statements
24/7 Access to Your Financials
Team of Accountants
and CPAs
Online Dashboards and Comparisons
Bill Pay and Monthly Sales Tax Filing Included
CPA Coaching and Strategic Planning

Which of These Best Describes You?

I receive professionally prepared financials every month.

I could benefit from pharmacy specific accountants or I would like to reduce my monthly costs. PDSfinancials is an affordable all-inclusive accounting service that raises the bar on what an accounting service should provide without charging additional costs to make sure you get the maximum benefit.

I rarely see monthly financials
if at all.

I don’t understand the importance of financials and learning how to use them would be good for my pharmacy. PDSfinancials is dedicated to teaching pharmacy owners how to leverage their financials to make more informed decisions along with understanding which strategy will produce the changes you are looking for.

I prepare my own financials and I am not an accountant.

Expert pharmacy accounting could improve my metrics and free up my time to work on making my pharmacy even better. Delegation and ‘working at the top of your license’ are keys to success that PDS has been teaching the industry for years and PDSfinancials will free up your time to work on your business rather than in your business.

Enjoy the confidence and clarity you will get with being a PDSfinancials member.

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