Improving Your Net Income In Spite Of Decreased Gross Margins

What’s happening in our industry?

NCPA has done the research and found that from 2010 to 2017, Pharmacies like you have experienced an average annual loss in gross profit of $27,651. This decrease in gross profit doesnt’ have to be the end of the story. With proper insight and management of your business by leveraging your financials, you can increase your net income inspire of lower gross profits.

Source: NCPA 2018 Digest

pharmacy industry sales and profit trend graph

There Is A Solution

In spite of the industry’s overall declining revenue and profit, PDS members experience both top line revenue growth and GP/Rx growth in their first year with us.

With PDS, you get a plan. And results.

The proven PDS system is based on 21 years of experience and has consistently enabled our members to achieve growth of both top line revenue and gross profit per prescription.

Source: PDS Member Data 2018

change in GP/Rx graph

Most members see an average increase of $1-2 GP/Rx within 3-8 months, which typically translates into a very respectable first year ROI of over 2X. The top 25% of PDS members see a $7-8 GP/Rx increase in the same time period.

Real PDS members, by the numbers:

PDS MembersIncrease in
PDS Members Rx Volume
Increase in
Gross Profit/Rx
PDS Membership
Return on Investment
Months to
Top 25%:+17%+42%14.8xonly 3
Middle 50%:+14%+5%2xonly 8

How do we do this?

PDS uses 15 different key performance indicators to analyze your business, work with you on where we should prioritize our joint efforts, and then we build a plan to achieve your goals. Your PDS team will help you set your objectives, support you, and then hold you accountable to make sure you’re on track.

pds circle with growth accentuated

How does a PDS Member accomplish these results?

Here are the core strategies and programs that our members engage in the first 12 months of membership:

Growth ServicesGross Profit Per RxService MixScripts Per Month
PDS Member Journey/TrackPDSsmartdispenseClinical ServicesMarketing

PDS Training

Pharmacy Profit Ignitor

Clinical Services Profit Ignitor

Professional Selling for Pharmacies

Marketing 360




Pharmacy is the best opportunity that it’s ever been, but you must let go of how you used to do it. This avalanche of change is happening right before our eyes and if you’re not careful, you’ll get sucked into it instead of riding the top of the avalanche where the view is incredible.

– Bobbie Barbrey, Medicap Pharmacy
11x ROI in 2018, Showcase of Success, PDS 2019 Super-Conference