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Times Are Tough For Pharmacy Owners

Horror stories from pharmacy owners are too frequent. These stories vary from “I always had money in the bank until now” or “I just found out a plan hasn’t paid me for 6 months and now I am broke” or “I had no idea my DIR fees would be so high and I can’t afford them”. Many pharmacy owners don’t know where to turn to help combat the reality we are all in with today’s industry. As the squeeze on pharmacy owners gets tighter you need a game plan to be able to release the pressure.

Your Deserve To Have The Best Insight Into Your Pharmacy’s Financial Performance

What if you had a crystal ball that looked directly into your pharmacy? It would help you to make smarter decisions and avoid the pitfalls in the future? This crystal ball is your pharmacy’s financials. YES! Your financials. It can be a little tough to believe if you are like most pharmacy owners and haven’t really been using this valuable tool. You can’t afford to keep this tool hidden any longer. To succeed in this market you must use everything at your disposal and that means learning how to leverage the insights your financials can bring. Don’t worry, PDSfinancials will do all of the heavy lifting (analyzing, benchmarking, trends, ratios) for you!

Affordable Pharmacy Accounting For Savvy Pharmacy Owners

Now more than ever before, pharmacy owners need a financial strategic partner that has their back. This is why PDSfinancials has redefined pharmacy accounting. PDSfinancials brings to together the experience of 21 years of helping pharmacy owners with the expertise of CPAs, CFOs, and accountants to give pharmacy owners the insights they need in order to take the right action that will deliver results. You can get a pharmacy specific accounting service at an affordable price.

Get The Clarity You Deserve To Make Smarter, More Informed Decisions

Top Benchmarks For Retail Pharmacies

We Can Help You Calculate Yours

  • More Than 16

    Inventory Turns

  • 20+ Percent

    Rx Margin Percent

    20+ Percent

  • Less Than 13.6 Percent

    Payroll Expense

  • $16+

    Profit Per Script


  • 2.5 or More

    Current Ratio

  • More Than 15 Days

    Days of Cash on Hand

    More Than 15 Days

  • 5+ Percent

    Net Operating Margin

  • 24+ Percent

    Gross Margin Percent

    24+ Percent

  • Less Than 19 Percent

    Total Expense Ratio

“I love this report and analysis. You made my day. I love the data and the usability of it.”

“For the 1st time in my career, my books are done accurately, efficiently and straight forward. The monthly reports provided are streamlined and make taxes seamless. I am more comfortable knowing professionals are doing the work.”

“Having my books reconciled and reviewed by an industry expert is a no brainer and the service keeps getting better.”

“I appreciate the  fact that I can finally trust the financials and they match what is in the bank. I like the overview that I get sent each month and in a timely manner!”

“One of our locations has been with PDSfinancials for about 1 year and we recently decided to move the remainder of our locations over. While this task of moving 4 companies over to a new accountant has been daunting, the PDS team has been amazing through it all.”

As a PDSfinancials member, you will get:

  • A monthly insight report with easy to read benchmarks so you know right where to focus

  • Executive level insights from your accountant to help improve your metrics

  • Financial reports all done according to the best practices for pharmacies

  • We can handle 340B, multiple locations, management companies and everything in between

  • Get access to financial strategies from our CPA business coaches

  • Online access to all your reports and benchmarking against other PDSfinanicals members

  • With our dedicated onboarding team, we make changing accountants as easy as it can be

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