We know first hand what you are facing as an independent pharmacy owner. It is a unique and ever-changing set of challenges; from the inequities of PBM's to navigating health care laws, new regulations, and competing against big box stores and retail chain pharmacies. It may seem like you're playing a losing game in an unfair industry, but Pharmacy Development Services is here to show you that there is a better way.

As a member of PDS, you'll receive access to an elite team of subject matter experts, an extensive network of like-minded pharmacy owners and profitability programs created with the objective of helping your business grow and stay profitable. We bring you the connections, resources, and experts that you need to reach the next level in the success of your pharmacy business. 

Discover a new road to success through innovative, proven strategies, tools and templates and a personalized support team dedicated to your success.

Your time is valuable; so why waste it by worrying about PBM’s, DIR fees, MAC pricing, and ineffective employees? From staffing and team building, daily operations, insurance reimbursements, marketing incentives, streamlined processes, and industry regulations, as the owner and leader of your pharmacy, you’ve come to realize that you can’t possibly do it on your own. PDS is the best in the world at transforming and keeping independent pharmacies into profitable, community-focused healthcare destinations and owners into dynamic industry leaders.

PDS Brand Promise

Earning you back the cost of your membership investment as quickly as possible

Multiplying the return on your investment as many times as possible during the year.

Making your business better.

Making your life easier.

Increasing the value of your business.

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