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Reach your pharmacy’s audience with a strong online presence.

Take actionable information away from our bundle, or let PDS do it for you.

Learn thoughtful marketing tips for compounded medication offerings, assistance with Medicare’s Open Enrollment, and flu shot encouragement at your pharmacy’s location with our PDSreach bundle.

Go beyond your pharmacy’s four walls and get in front of your patients when it matters. 

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With PDSreach, you’ll have more clarity about what your market needs, more control over how you reach and respond to customers, and more confidence that you aren’t missing out on local patients you should have the chance to serve.

PDS On The Job
  • Comprehensive Onboarding

    Orient the PDSreach team to your needs and goals through a simple questionnaire and short kickoff conversation. Onboarding also includes peer groups, office hours, and progress reviews.

  • Custom Site Building and Marketing Plan

    We take your brand assets and combine them with our pharmacy content to create your unique site, then build a personalized marketing plan to grow your digital presence.

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions

    Our team tracks your results and meets with you monthly to make strategic adjustments to your marketing plan.

When you know more about your local market, you can increase the searches you show up in and how many users you convert into customers.

PDSreach helps you achieve more clarity by providing you with turnkey marketing solutions and ongoing advice that ensure your solution is out there for people to find.

When you use analytics to drive your marketing decisions, you connect who you are with what your customers need and how they search.

PDSreach helps you achieve more control by giving you best practices for using your web analytics to make strategic marketing decisions.

When you feel certain you have a fresh, relevant online presence, you can wake up each day believing that the people who should find you, will.

PDSreach helps you achieve more confidence by giving you the right marketing platform and the right guidance for getting your message in front of customers.

Getting Started as a PDSreach Member

Step One

Pre-Call Questionnaire

Complete a brief questionnaire to help your PDS team get to know your brand and goals.

Step Two

Onboarding Kickoff Call

Meet with your PDS team to share your goals and learn what assets are needed to complete your project.

Step Three

Site and Marketing Plan Build and Handoff

Meet with your PDS team for a walk through of your completed site and personalized marketing approach.

Determine the right marketing plan for your pharmacy.

The PDS team is ready to help.