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Amerimed Pharmacy

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Location: Valdosta, GA
Years in Business: 11




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I don’t see myself having the team we have without PDS. The team has been willing to follow my lead and they’re flexible when priorities shift. They’ve bought into the philosophy.

Troy Allen

Care, Clarity and Confidence with PDS

  • Empowering Employees through PDS Leadership Strategies

    Troy recognized the need to grow in his leadership skills if he wanted to reach his goals as owner of Amerimed Pharmacy. Using the skills he learned from his Business Coach and Performance Specialist, and courses like Leadership 3.0, he started implementing new strategies at work. As a result, his team has been instrumental in helping the business boost its performance. “Last year was an amazing year and this year we continued the success to move our bottom line,” Troy said.

  • Implementing Proven Methods

    One of the greatest benefits of a PDS membership, says Amerimed’s Troy, is that he is able to use strategies that are proven to be effective in the industry. “I’d rather be in a position of being told what to do rather than me asking if something is a good idea first. PDS comes to me first with what works and how to do it.” For example, he already is experiencing the benefits of combining retail and packaging pharmacies into one. “It has helped with workflow. We’re all a team. It’s not this pharmacy versus that pharmacy.” The team also experienced a great return with RxAnalytics®.

“I encouraged (my team) to understand what it means to increase gross profits per prescriptions and what it will allow us to do as a team. Through the access of new opportunities and knowledge from PDS, they started to get it. When you see larger reimbursements and things are growing, people get excited. Everyone wants to be a part of it.”

“I’ve been able to give monthly incentives to my employees. When they reach certain gross profits, the pharmacist in charge gives out bonuses.”

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