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Fadi Nuseibah

  • Expanding Business in a Competitive Environment

    Under the leadership of Fadi Nuseibeh, Central Pharmacy grew from 13 pharmacies in 2017 to 17 by the end of 2018. It was a strategic move for Fadi. With partners to keep happy, it was his responsibility to make sure they were receiving value from their investments. “Now my partners see some of the results and they see what the other pharmacies are doing. It’s creating buy-in with the strategy we have in place.” Fadi credits PDS for his ability to manage it all. With so many partners and locations involved, it would be easy for things to become chaotic. PDS provided the clarity to set priorities, identify opportunities and streamline processes. For example, with so many locations, Fadi’s main focal point had shifted to the average margin per prescription. It’s the number one thing that has driven so much of Central’s growth and success, he says.

    Fadi’s evolution in recent years included taking a step back to review things from a business standpoint. Now he looks at financial statements and the balance sheet more frequently than he had in previous years.

  • Accessing the Right Support at the Right Time

    According to Fadi, pharmacy owners need to start thinking outside the box to determine new ways to increase profitability. They must be willing to take a chance, whether it is selling a new supplement, reaching out to a local physician, or joining a group like PDS that can provide guidance. He believes strongly that there are many opportunities available to be successful as a pharmacy owner. As he put it, “if you’re willing to put in the work, you can be successful.”

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