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Years in business: 27


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You can get bored, frustrated and beat up. Because of PDS, it’s a whole paradigm shift. If you had told me that we’d be doing this well financially, morale would be so positive, and I’d be this invigorated as an owner, I would have said you’re crazy.

Jeff Scott

  • Investment in Employees Instills Confidence

    Although Jeff Scott, a second-generation pharmacy owner, was gaining critical insights as part of his participation in PDS Super-Conference, he knew he needed to get his team involved to achieve entirely new levels of success. “With all of the ideas from PDS, we felt we needed to have more employees on board to keep up with the programs we are implementing.” As a result, Jeff brought along two of his top pharmacists to the 2018 PDS Super-Conference. “They just got it. They grabbed a hold of the information that was shared over the weekend and ran with it,” Jeff says. He plans to mentor one pharmacist individually so they may buy out his business in the years to come.

  • PDS Programs Lead to Rapid Growth

    Shortly after introducing the strategies of several key PDS programs to Cheek & Scott Pharmacy, which has been operating since 1965, Jeff and his team start seeing results. For example, they were able to quickly increase the percentage of synched patients from 30.5 percent to 44.7 percent. “We had no idea the impact a synchronization program would have on our business. It’s allowed us to grow rapidly without adding staff to fill more prescriptions,” Jeff said. In addition to synchronization, he also is impressed with the success of his immunization program. With the help of PDS, the pharmacy more than doubled immunization sales over the previous year. As a result of the pharmacy’s growth, Jeff is now able to incentivize his team with bonuses — which has led to better employee morale.

“It’s a joy to make my dad proud and continue to grow our family’s legacy.”

“With the help of PDS, we’ve more than doubled last year’s immunization sales.”

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