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We‘re in control. We’re calling the shots. We’re being proactive instead of reactive.

George Fotis

  • Getting Excited with a New Peer Network

    When George first heard about PDS, he had his share of skepticism. As a friend told him about all of the benefits he was experiencing as a PDS member, he thought it was too good to be true. “But I listened to my friend and went to the 2017 Super-Conference with an open mind. I wanted to see what it’s all about,” George recalled. He was surprised to encounter hundreds of energized, excited pharmacists. Shortly after that, George walked over to the PDS booth to join. He now says it was one of the best business decisions he’s made. Within his first year of membership, George had implemented the PDS RxAnalytics® program and therapeutic optimizations, and joined the PDS Board of Directors. “I went into the conference thinking I wasn’t going to join. Becoming a PDS member is now on my short list of best things I’ve done for the store.”

  • Shifting to a Proactive, Strategic Business Model

    When George joined PDS, he didn’t know what a synchronization program was. He was able to sync more than 1,000 of his 5,000 unique monthly patients in 2018. It had significant impact. “The biggest testament and biggest change in our business has been our sync program. It’s had the most impact and it’s enjoyable to see where we are going with it.” The staff now has an incentive for when they reach a milestone with the synchronization program. “Everyone gets a monthly bonus and we provide lunch. It gets people excited and encourages them to bring in more patients to the program.”

“If you aren’t willing to make hard decisions, just get a job!”

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