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Exton Pharmacy

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Location: Pennsylvania

Years in business: 16


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PDS saved my pharmacy. After substantial losses three years in a row, I was ready to close my store. I joined in June of 2019, and by the end of the year I had made a substantial profit.

Mary Walsh


  • Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

    Owner, Mary Walsh joined PDS and took a store that had lost money three years in a row to their best year yet. When she was struggling, Mary read PDS Founder, Dan Benamoz’s, white paper Adapt or Go Home. She knew she had to step outside of her comfort zone or she was going to lose everything she had worked so hard for. She didn’t want to let her employees or her customers down. She got out of the store, she took chances on new ideas, and now she is thriving.

  • Taking it to the Next Level

    Because of their success in the first year with PDS, Exton Pharmacy now has enough money to remodel the store and put in a nice consultation room. Exton Pharmacy is fully on board with Service-Based Pharmacy and they are excited (and financially able) to jump into clinical services so they can continue to grow their revenue, outside the control of the PBMs.

  • Focusing on Financials

    Mary Walsh, owner of Exton Pharmacy knew that her financials were not in a good place so she started paying attention. They started a weekly chart so they could quickly see what was happening and also created biweekly reports to to look at the number of prescriptions and their gross profit per prescription. Clarity into her financials gave her the knowledge she needed to make smarter and more informed business decisions.

“A year ago I thought I was going to close my pharmacy. We were almost out of business. I think our proudest moment last year is that we took a store that had lost money three years in a row, and we had the best year that we’ve ever had.”

“After I joined PDS, we really got hooked onto the High Profit Webinars. Thanks to Dr. Fast and Mike Newkirk, we have had tremendous success.

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