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Gateway Health Mart North

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Location: North Dakota
Years in business: since 1989


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We‘ve made some awesome friends and connections from around the whole US. I always feel like we have somebody that can assist. We’ve got somebody that has been through it before, so it’s an incredible resource to have access to as we grow.

Brita Burdette
Clinical Pharmacist

  • Creating a Vision to Increase Employee Engagement

    Mark Aurit along with his two daughters quickly expanded from one location to four. With the growth into more locations along with the growing number of employees, there was a great need to restructure and put some key procedures and people into place. The Gateway team credits PDS for helping put a framework together that helps them to develop values and vision. They have confidence that they are all going in the same direction with the same goals in mind.

  • PDS Trainings Lead to Real Success and Real Revenue

    Gateway has sent multiple employees to PDS training programs such as Advanced Leadership (ALP) and SyncRx+. These programs led to the creation of a nutrient depletion program that has become very successful for Gateway. Now they feel confident about offering pharmaceutical-grade vitamins to their patients. They’ve sold 3,432 units, which brought in additional revenue of $30,000 to the store in 2019. By finding key people at each location that were passionate about the program and sending them to PDS training programs, they were able to create a new source of revenue.

“We have key people on board. We have our pharmacies. It was a struggle initially to get four pharmacies on board, but now we’ve got the right people in the right spots, and they’re excited about what we’re doing and where this is going. They understand the point of therapy optimization, getting people on better drugs, what our nutrient depletion program can do for the patient. It’s exciting to see us continue this trajectory and keep growing.”

“It’s nice to have a community and a group of people that know what you’re going through based on the climate of the pharmacy. It’s also good to have a group of people that have your back and are willing to support you, versus being against you as a competitor.”

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