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When DIR fees are down and you’re making double the money on things like compression socks, while also helping patients feel better, those are the little things that add up and help. PDS has taught me to adjust. They’re teaching me the things I need to be doing and helping me get out of my own way.

Jack Dunn

  • Owner Learns to Invest Resources in Right Places

    Until he started getting counseling from PDS experts, Jack spent a lot of his time and energy doing what he thought was the right thing. “I was trying to improve my scores so I wouldn’t have any DIR fees. In doing so, my payroll was too high.” With the help of his Business Coach and Performance Specialist, he was able to see things from a different perspective. “When you’re looking at it in black and white, and you’re in the red, you know you have to make some changes,” Jack says. “PDS has taught me to adjust. They’re helping me get out of my own way.” One of the main successes came from switching to the PDS RxAnalytics® program, which doubled his profit per prescription.

  • Learning the Value of a Strong Peer Network

    Jack believes PDS creates a space for independent pharmacists to congregate and learn from each other. “Someone in California or Mississippi is just a phone call away. You can get on the phone and hear what’s making a difference for them,” he said. “You’re not alone. You get different ideas and it’s always about learning.” Jack looks forward to growing his pharmacy by investing more in compounding business while continuing to give back to the independent pharmacy industry. He says he looks forward to learning more lessons and helping as many independent pharmacists as he can along the way.

“My dad taught me so many things that I still carry with me today. Respect your people. Be upfront. Look your customers in the eye. Always smile. Be as helpful as you can and do the right thing.”

“PDS is about developing relationships and sharing ideas that will impact our business. We’re networking and making a difference together.”

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