3rd Generation Pharmacy Owner Launches New Era of Business with PDS

J&R Pharmacy

Multiply PDS Investment, Making Life Easier, Business More Valuable

Location: Benton, KY

More than 50x

ROI in 2018


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Before joining, opening more stores never crossed my mind. PDS opened our minds around how to seek more opportunities and increase our profitability.

Blake Wiseman

  • Exploring New Possibilities after 58 Years in Business

    J&R Pharmacy has been a family-owned business that served the community in Benton, Ky., for nearly six decades. It wasn’t until the founder’s grandson, Blake Wiseman, joined PDS that it experienced an unexpected shift in its business model. The organization inspired Blake to open two more locations in 2019. He says he couldn’t have done it without PDS’ guidance. Though J&R Pharmacy had been doing twice the work in 2017, the outcomes were about the same. Profitability wasn’t increasing, traffic was stalling, and morale was subpar at best. But the PDS RxAnalytics® program changed everything. The family went from worrying about whether the pharmacy would survive to discovering new ways to make it thrive.

  • Doubling up on Profitability

    With the strategies Blake learned through PDS, the pharmacy’s margins per prescription increased significantly. “One thing that PDS really helped with was being able to decrease our stress level with new strategies and gave us a new outlook on how to run a business,” Blake says. With added profits, Blake created a bonus structure recommended by PDS to empower and incentivize employees. While they gained those critical insights, Blake says, it still required a lot of work. “Between the teamwork and the analytics, everyone needed to get involved.”

“My grandfather is 90 years old. For him to see the business as being successful, something he’s put his blood, sweat and tears in for the past 65 years, gives him a peace of mind that this business is going to stick around.”

“The one thing I know, as an independent pharmacy owner, is that we have to come together. We have to be strong. If we are not strong, these big boys, these PBMs, are going to kick us around and eventually we are not going to be here. PDS has done a great job forming those relationships and making us stronger.”

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