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While it’s a big investment, it’s the real deal. It’s not a quick fix or an easy solution. The profit potential is limitless; you just have to buy-in to the programs.

Kirk Heinz

  • Experiencing Immense Growth through New Avenues

    Kirk Heinz, who operates Kirk’s Pharmacy alongside his son, Andrew, has been exploring the potential of his business — and realizing some major wins. In early 2018, the father-son duo relocated and expanded their third location, Kirk’s Pharmacy and Compounding. “It was a little rocky at first and it caused some stress, but throughout the year it’s proved to be a successful location,” Andrew says. Then, in August of 2018, they purchased another compounding pharmacy that merged with the new and existing one. “We’ve seen immense growth. We’ve increased our gross profits per prescription by 25 percent. Any growth in a struggling industry is positive to me,” Andrew says. They credit much of their success to the PDS program, RxAnalytics®. They’ve learned to look at gross profit per prescription versus overall gross profits.

  • New Software Tools Lead to Significant Gains

    Realizing success in an area dominated by online retailing and big box stores can be daunting. But their pharmacy software system, PioneerRx, has helped Kirk and Andrew succeed. Using therapeutic optimization and RxA, the PDS team helped customize a pop-up that automatically shows up in their PioneerRx. They computer system informs a team member when they have an eligible patient for certain medications. If the patient’s plan will cover it, it’s a win-win. They’ve developed a system that works and have learned not to go after claims that aren’t going to get reimbursed. The pharmacist can call the doctor, explain the benefits of the medication and then run the claim. “(Andrew) does the research on the medications that will improve our gross profits, and it’s also helping the patients,” Kirk says. In a trying industry, Kirk and Andrew are focusing on what can make them successful versus what will not. “We make it as simple as possible and we’re working smarter, not harder,” says Andrew.

“We make it as simple as possible and we’re working smarter, not harder.”

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