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We always set new goals each year. In 2017, I thought that was as good as it was going to get. We’ve not only survived but ended up thriving into 2018.

Travis Wolff

  • Surpassing Goals through a Team Effort

    After experiencing declining reimbursements throughout 2016, Travis started annual day-long retreats for his employees — integrating lessons he learned from PDS Advanced Leadership Program. “I gained so much and use it every day,” he said of the program, which provided him with even more tools on how to lead and how to develop a coaching model within his staff. He dared his team to accomplish four times as much as they did the previous year through four coaching teams. It was so successful that he now holds a short coaching meeting with each team once a month, and engages with them during a monthly all-employee meeting. The team is empowered to accomplish more, and Travis is working less! Through this program, Med-World is surpassing some major goals, including one to grow its synchronization program to 50 percent of all patients. Now they’re on track to surpass 70 percent.

  • Taking on the Big Competitors

    As he looks to the future, the threat of PBMs does not scare Travis. “It’s about learning how to do new things,” he says. “I’m so thankful to have the quality of business that I have. My team believes anything is within our grasp. That feeling is one I never want to let go of.” “The future is bright for pharmacy owners right now, he says. While there are grim things happening with slimming margins, PBMs and DIR fees, there’s also another way. Travis believes the risk of staying the same is far greater than the risk of change. “Our profession is changing, and we have to change with it,” he says. “The risk of staying the same is far greater than the risk of change.”

“Our star rating is going to go nuts! The best part is that our patients will be healthier.”

“I owe my team the world. At Med-World, we like to say, ‘Your health is Our World’ but I learn more every day that my health is my team’s world. The healthier I can make them, the better my world is!”

“I’m able to take vacations and not do anything work-related. I also get to spend more time with my little boy.”

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