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Anyone in healthcare would agree that when you have that kind of partnership, and everyone stops working in silos, it’s better for the patient. I think SmartDispense, along with the clinical services, and all those things together, will help deepen that relationship with our providers, which will result in better patient care.

Elizabeth Ibrahim

  • Hitting the Ground Running with SmartDispense

    MedTime learned about SmartDispense at PDS Super-Confernece in 2018 and knew how important it was. They hit the ground running with somebody dedicated to it in each of the stores. When they first started at MedTime, they were at $8.50 per prescription. Then within three to four months, MedTime was up to $18. One month they were up to $21!

    They focused on the PDS dashboard to create buy-in from the team. They emphasized the importance of clinical value for the patient to their team and to the Pharmacist in Charge. They also explained the importance to the patient, as well as the physician. As the program has evolved, MedTime continues to get more in-depth with the physicians as their relationship builds.

  • Learning & Growing from Advanced Leadership

    Owners, Tamer and Elizabeth Ibrahim had a positive experience after attending the PDS program, Advanced Leadership (ALP). The first module taught them all about awareness. It helped them become not only more aware of themselves, but most importantly, the other people in the room and how to lead them. Module two focused more on leadership style and coaching, how to have a critical conversation with an employee, and how to get an agenda done.

    “I think the leadership style was really something that stuck out to me. It’s important to have different leadership styles, all mixed to create the perfect team. Just having a better understanding of how people react to things based on their personality,” Elizabeth mentioned.

“There was a mindset shift of working on the business rather than just being in the business.”

“SmartDispense has come down to communication because you have to communicate amongst the doctor, the patient, and make sure everyone’s on the same page. It does have a good clinical value, but we had to show that it was a win-win for both parties.”

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