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I think sometimes when people join PDS they are expecting this instant gratification. That’s not always the case. You have to put the work into it and that’s why I said that 2018 didn’t start January 1st, 2018 – it really started in 2016 when I started with the PDS Conference.

Jeff Gross

  • Pharmacy Experiences Successes After Getting Things Under Control

    With three pharmacy locations, five office building gift shops and 60 employees, Jeff was running his operations at a hectic pace — seemingly putting out fires on an hourly basis, he recalls. After joining PDS, he learned the lessons he needed to get things under control. By attending the PDS Advanced Leadership training, Jeff realized the larger potential in pharmacy business. Up until then, he thought what they were doing was fine. But it was time for a change. “It was an eye-opening experience to realize how much potential there actually was within pharmacy. Hearing the Showcases of Success stories… it was inspiring.” However, Jeff still feels that culture has room for improvement. He recently took a PDS leadership training and believes growing the company’s culture will be a major focal point in the coming year.

  • Leveraging Synchronization to Experience Growth

    In addition to learning how to run the business more efficiently, the team developed a synchronization program that pushed their numbers up to 60 percent. All in all, that 60 percent synchronization rate equates to about 10-15 percent of additional revenue that wasn’t there before. Thanks to that success, Jeff turned from a student into a teacher. It was a proud moment for him when he was recommended to have a pharmacy from back east fly out to have a conversation surrounding their synchronization program.

“We treat our customers as though they are our family. Whatever that comes down to, we strive to provide them with the information to make the best and most informed choice as it relates to their health.”

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