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We have a lot of ideas and we want to do a lot of great things, but we didn’t have follow through. PDS got us started on our ideas and has been our source of accountability.

Robert Mills

  • Getting on the Fast Track to Growth with RxAnalytics®

    When Robert realized that pharmacy businesses smaller than his were doing significantly better with the help of PDS, he decided to renew his lapsed membership. Then he quickly tapped into the resources of the organization with the help of his Performance Specialist, Matt. Within three months, all 11 Mills Pharmacies were up and running with the RxAnalytics® program. “My team was using every spare second they had to research what kind of difference they could make in their bottom line. I was hoping RxAnalytics® would be good when we started but had no idea it would be great,” he says.. Across all his stores, Robert was averaging $11.92 per prescription in November 2017. Using RxAnalytics®, he’s taken that average to $19.59 in November 2018. This represents an average increase of $260,000 in profits per month.

  • Using PDS Programs to Motivate Employees

    Robert has been able to create an incentive program for each store to get a bonus when they hit a $25 margin or more. Three of his 11 stores have already hit that goal and are pushing to keep that number climbing. Because of the new incentive, morale has instantly been boosted. “The incentives are a snowball effect and it’s been infectious for the team,” he says. “We have more communication and more sharing of ideas,” says Robert. Their weekly calls with his PDS team remind him to keep communicating and to keep implementing the new ideas. This has significantly impacted the way the team works together. “Everyone is motivated to help and to keep working hard.”

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