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You come home from the PDS Conference and you have this idea. It’s like a seed pack. Unless you take that out, work with it, water it, and nurture it, that’s all it is — it’s an idea in an envelope.

Mike Minesinger

  • Multiplying Success by Identifying Specialty Drug Opportunities

    In one year, Morton Alwan Pharmacy sold nearly $3,400,000 of Makena — a specialty drug that lowers the risk of premature birth. That was triple the amount it sold in the previous year. Mike achieved that type of success by working with his PDS Business Coach, Jeff, to create a plan to increase sales across the state of Illinois — not just in his neighborhood.. He found that the service and value-add proposition was successful with both doctors and patients. He assigned a key person to clerical administrative tasks for shipping Makena, including running the prescription, packaging it, and handling postage.

  • Making the Most of PDS Conference and Tools

    To Mike, attending a PDS Super-Conference is a lot like gardening. He was able to launch a successful SyncRx+ program due to his persistence, attention, and hard work after learning about the most effective growth strategies. After working with his PDS Performance Specialist, Lisa Baker, to implement SyncRx+, his pharmacy started filling more prescriptions and gained more control over workflow. The result was increased efficiency, improved customer service, and better product forecasting.

“Before I order a drug, I know it’s going to sell. It’s going to be sitting on the shelf for one or two days instead of 30, and that frees up cash to do other things.”

“Last year was my fourth PDS Super-Conference, and I came away from it thinking ‘You know, if I can’t be on this stage next year then there’s something wrong.’ It was a commitment by me and some of the staff that we’re really going to do this. We weren’t going to half-heartedly do it; it was going to be a priority and at the top of everyone’s to-do list.”

“Between the PDSadvantage Resource Library and my Coach and Performance Specialist, the wheel’s been invented before – I don’t need to redo that. Someone has shared a tried-and-true process for how to do this; it makes it a lot easier and it saves you problems.”

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