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Since joining PDS, I just look at the business completely different. Before, it was really overwhelming, and I felt unsure about the whole thing. It seemed very, very stressful.

Now it’s like we have a clear vision of what we’re doing, where we’re headed, and what we need to improve on. Every single year has been a little bit better – or in some cases, a lot better.

Ali Wright

  • PDS’ Turnkey Resources Ease Implementation

    Across the board, Patterson Family Pharmacy has found it easier to implement strategies with clear guidelines provided by PDS. “Using the PDS templates, we decided to try a radio ad in my area,” Ali says. “We used the PDSadvantage Resource Library and edited the material. We started with the template for the radio script, and also leveraged our Business Coach, Sheila, and a few of her resources.” The campaign was a success, with the store adding $35,000 to its bottom line. Without the PDS resources she leverages, Ali says, she likely would experience numerous barriers to get things running.

  • SyncRx+: From Idea to Implementation:

    Until Patterson Family Pharmacy started implementing PDS strategies, it was experiencing periods of stagnation, according to Ali. “We were never growing or improving, we were just getting through the days,” she said. Now, after implementing SyncRx+ and other strategies, the business is running much more efficiently. “Now, I have more time to focus on the business as a business owner and not just a pharmacist,” she said.

“Great ideas are shared with the steps on how to take those things to the finish line, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

“The starting point makes it a lot easier – it’s just a matter of us editing the materials to meet our store’s needs and branding. Without the starting point, I get overwhelmed and never seem to move past the initial steps.”

“Every single year has been a little bit better – or in some cases, a lot better.”

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