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I’ve really been working on leadership within the store so that I’m able to focus my time on the bigger picture things.

Ashley Duggins

  • Lessons in Leadership Help Owner Focus on Big Picture

    While many independent pharmacies were struggling, 2018 proved to be an exciting and fruitful year for Prevo Drug. The year had shown so much promise that they had diligently started working on opening a second location to function as a wellness center. “It’s right across the street. We’ll be able to house our compounding lab, a health coaching classroom and all of our bioidentical hormone consulting spaces,” Ashley said. With a large team of 27 and the help of PDS, Ashley has spent the last 12 months perfecting her team’s ability to work together. She’s stopped letting the nitty-gritty tasks bog her down so she can focus on the things that will make a difference within her team and business. “I’ve really been working on leadership within the store so that I’m able to focus my time on the bigger picture things.”

  • Growing as a Team through PDS Coaching

    Seeing her team grow with their newfound autonomy has been extremely beneficial. “It’s amazing to see what they’ve come up with on their own versus what I would have done by myself. It has made our business stronger. ” Their team likes to think of their nearly seven-figure profits as therapeutic optimizations — a way to help patients who are non-compliant. “We’ve created a team of health coaches who help us focus on non-compliant patients. We can give them more attention and it positively affects our business from every angle.” Through the help of their Performance Specialist, Emily, they also have implemented a new marketing program, including an “Ask Ashley” video series. Each social media post has seen very positive engagement throughout their community and following. Ashley credits Emily for her ability to constantly challenge their team to look at things outside of the box that will help move the needle.

“I would have been too far in the weeds without the help of my Business Coach and Performance Specialist. I used to think I never had the time.”

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