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Seip Drug

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Location: Minnesota
Years in business: 22


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Every success we had is the team and PDS and our coaches. We couldn‘t do this without that and the team buying-in. And so it’s been a journey and we‘re not there yet, but we’re well on the way. And I now have hope.

Nate Seip

  • Creating Change is a Team Effort

    Seip Drug has 10 pharmacies, a LTC pharmacy, and two telepharmacies. The PBMs were beating them up in DIR fees, and owner Nate went to the PDS Super-Conference searching for answers. He went home Sunday inspired, he was ready to do it, to create real change in his pharmacy. Unfortunately, Nate faced some health issues but his team stepped in. They joined PDS and started focusing on SmartDispense and therapy optimization where they started to see success. Nate credits his team for coming together and seeing the vision with the help of PDS.

  • Working Smarter, Not Harder

    The team attended the Sync Training which really helped them push their pharmacies forward and create efficiency. They realized that through synchronization, not only were they creating more time to work on the business, they were significantly helping their patients. They truly believe that Sync has helped them reduce DIR fees, improve EQuIPP scores, and most importantly, put their patients first.

“I went to Jason Turner’s Sync Bootcamp in December, and that was a game changer for me.”

“I have more time to talk to my patients, to become friends with my patients, and ultimately improve their health and their goals.”

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