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Seven Lakes Prescription Shoppe

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A lot of people get bogged down with DIR fees and the results of the contracts with PBMs. They really should be focusing on total patient outcomes and therapies that are a win/win for the pharmacy and patient.

Rob Barrett

  • Hitting the Small Goals Needed to Realize the Big Vision

    Rob Barrett, owner of Seven Lakes Prescription Shoppe in North Carolina, always had a vision of being a pharmacy owner, not just a pharmacist. In 2018, he had started living that dream — by accomplishing four significant goals, including adding $124,000 in gross profits through PDS’ RxAnalytics® Program, hiring a pharmacy manager to free up his time, growing to 50 compounds per day and increasing over-the-counter profits through programs like Ideal Protein. It all happened through a goal setting process inspired by PDS’s programs.

  • Overcoming Challenges with the Help of Board of Directors

    Admittedly, thinking bigger has always been a challenge for Rob. Once he met his goals, he was left wondering what’s next? He credits the PDS Board of Directors Program for teaching him how to expand his mind. “They’ve changed my perspective to make it broader. I can see what other successful stores are doing and set new goals,” he says. Through the Board, Rob has learned to focus on profits, only spending time on the things that create a return for him.

“I realized I’m much better off having someone else to run the business while I focus on growth and opportunities. It feels amazing to not be on the bench. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before now. I have three young kids. Being able to tell my wife that I can pick them up from school or take them to dance, that’s really cool.”

“We now have a process with training every new staff member. Lisa helped us create a workflow around all new hires. We have each new hire work in every part of the pharmacy.”

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