Building a Foundation for Business Growth

Tanglewood Drugstore

Multiply PDS Investment, Making Life Easier, Business More Valuable

Location: Arkansas
Years in business: 14


Years with PDS

PDS Strategies Implemented

Team Engagement
Inventory Optimization

I feel like I have someone watching my back. I thought I was watching things closely, and PDS membership has opened my eyes to the most important aspects of running my pharmacy.

Adam Wheeler

  • From Almost Closing to the Best Year Yet

    Tanglewood Drugstore was on the verge of closing. They decided to give it one more shot and joined PDS. With PDS, they were able to focus on building a better team culture with more engaged employees, which has given them a stronger and more stable foundation to run their business on. They also greatly increased their Sync program which has vastly improved work flow. With the guidance of PDS, these changes led to their best year yet.

  • Giving Employees Ownership

    When owner, Adam Wheeler was asked what he did differently now that he was with PDS, his answer was that he stopped micromanaging. By letting his people do more and have more ownership, he found that they were more invested. It also allowed him to the time and ability to concentrate on running his business.

“Things were not very good, and I was maybe contemplating selling my store, but we joined PDS in August. The last quarter of 2019 was the best I’ve ever had in almost 14 years at the store now. So, we were able to really turn around with PDS.”

“We focused on creating a better team culture to build a foundation. Our Performance Specialist was a big help with that.”

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